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Not all natural dyes require toxic mordants to create light and wash fast colorways- the natural dyes I use are quite color and light fast with alum (which is non toxic). Of course, many of the natural dyes require quite a bit of rinsing- hence wasting water- that synthetic dyes like Washfast and Fiber reactive dyes don't (though IMO fiber reactive dyes take a fair bit of water as well, though I really prefer wool to cotton so I might be a bit biased towards the respective dyes).

Another thing people might react to other than just the processing that most people would think of- i.e. washing the wool (which can be especially nasty if designed to get rid of VM) or cotton and the dyes is the oil used on the equipment to process and spin the yarn and even the soaps that people use to rinse and dry skeins of yarn or finished garments they are blocking.

Also, garments dyed with lichens, onion skins, etc, don't always have a mordant, which could be good for people with sensitivities because they are substantive dyes- that is, they don't require the use of a mordant.

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Dyes and other chemicals such as resins in clothes can be toxic and harmful to human health. Conditions such as contact dermatitis and eczema are associated with exposure to these chemicals. To be safe, let us use 100% organic cotton products. Personally I am really satisfied in using these products because they are natural and comfortable to wear. Check out I usually purchase products there.

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I was just wondering where one could purchase organic dyes, we'd like to use them for childrens clothing. We were also curious about what we could use to make really vibrant colours

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