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I couldn't agree more with the above stated....people need to think about more than highly hyped organic products so they can drive their SUVs and think they are doing good. First find out which products hurt you and the environment more and then buy organic....not just b/c of the organic label.....Use your brain america!!!


Thanks for interesting reading. I try to wear mostly organic cotton clothes, I found these norwegian designers who are useing more and more organic cotton in their collections. Take a look at
Thanks for all useful information

Cotton USA

I also recommend Janice's products, I have bought organic bedding here because my skin is very sensitive so I have allergies.

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The reason to go for "organic clothing" is indeed a widely asked question now days. And this is a comprehensive posting explaining this question.

Organic Cosmetics

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by just weraring organic cotton clothes will not do much.. for proper eco living it should be dyed using only natural & vegetable dyes.. as chemical dyes are more harmful than conventional cotton..


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