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Dora Lemus

How can I keep lint from an Angora sweater from adhering to other clothing? Please answer my question as soon as possible.

Thank you very much


Dear Dora,

Thank you very much for your comment. Angora, whether it comes from the Angora rabbit or the Angora goat, is prone to collecting lint for two reasons: 1) the structural nature of the fiber because it is very fine and resilient causes it to hold onto particles such as other fabrics and threads, and 2) Angora fibers are more likely to become statically charged just as your hair can easily become statically charged. This static charge attracts other statically charged things like dust, hair and all the other things that we call lint.

There isn't much that you can do about the first reason and there is only slightly more that you can do about the second reason - static charge. Humidity tends to reduce static charge so install humidifiers or be in environments that are more humid. Try to avoid shuffling your feet when you walk on carpets as this builds static charges. Touch grounded metal objects to drain static charges from your body. Air ionizers will reduce static in the air and therefore on you and your clothing. These kinds of things might help some small degree but static and lint are part of the territory with wearing Angora sweaters.

If anyone has any other tips and hints on this problem of lint collecting on Angora sweaters, we would love to hear them. Good luck!


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