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Annemarie Baurdoux

Really enjoyed reading this post.
Nice that you shed light on all different uses of Hemp.

As for the stiffness of the fabric I would like to add, that hemp clothes actually become softer the longer you own (aka wash them).


Thanks for the informative article on the facts and uses of hemp. I think one day soon that society will be enlightened to not only by the seemingly endless practical uses of hemp, but the Eco Friendliness and sustainable qualities as well. I am interested in purchasing my first hemp clothing from an online retailer and this article has made my understanding of hemp qualities clearer than ever.
One appealing attribute is the one mentioned in the above post about the hemp clothes becoming softer the more you wash them. I heard of combed cotton having this quality but it's nice to see an Organic alternative.

Perry Peck

Hemp, the “standing silent nation” as the Lakotas call it, has tens of thousands of uses, from superior textiles and cosmetics to biodegradable plastics. It is environmentally friendly, requiring no pesticides, little water and fertilizer and no herbicides. It controls erosion, produces huge amounts of biomass and oxygen, and replaces trees in making not just paper products, but building materials.

The day will come very soon when hemp will become as common as other natural resources. We who understand this and try our best by becoming activist and writing our political leaders. By demanding action to right this wrong we are not only helping humanity we are helping ourselves. Hemp makes common sense but for economic reasons too and environmental reasons HEMP IS GOOD FOR US AND OUR
COUNTRY. Check out Organic and hemp clothing at GO HEMP GO!

thanks so much for the in depth information on hemp fiber/fabric. I'm developing an info. handout to go with the hemp garments we make; may I quote parts of your article with appropriate credit?

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