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complete cleaners

Just a note from a 30 year dry cleaner to congratulate the Lackmans on a very accurate and well written article. The points made about our industry were at times painful for one such as me who started this in the 70s at a time when environmental awareness in dry cleaning was for the most part absent.
At the end of your article you asked for comments from any readers who had used a GreenEarth licensed dry cleaner, as you had not. I am one. While I obviously could be biased, I will point out that I WAS a perc cleaner and spent $150000 + to become a GreenEarth Cleaner because I was unhappy with the environmental risk of perchloroethylene . We made that switch in Feb of 2001. We were one of the first 50 GreenEarth Cleaners in the world. Over these past 6 years we have cleaned over one million garments in our GreenEarth Cleaning machines. As an industry veteran I can tell you that our experience has been that GreenEarth Cleaning is all in all superior to Perc cleaning. The silicone based GreenEarth fluid is not as aggressive towards some oil based stains, but other than that there are no real drawbacks. Fragile dyes and ornamentation are not damaged by the silicone fluid as they often are in perc. White garments stay white without dye and soil from other garments being deposited on them. There is no static and the lint that often is deposited on garments because of that static. The only real drawback is that the cycle time for the cleaning machine is longer, about 40 % longer. This requires one to have larger or more machines to handle the same volume. In my opinion the added cost due to these differences is well worth it. MY own clothes are of course cleaned in GreenEarth. They last longer and my closet never has that dry cleaners odor. (neither does my dry cleaning plant!) Best of all, when I read articles such as yours about the health risks associated with perc cleaning, I can relax.

John Patterson
Trussville, AL



Many thanks for taking the time to tell us your story and congratulations in your vision and commitment to improving the dry cleaning industry.

All the best and good luck!



what about hydrocarbon?


Thanks for mentioning hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are gaining popularity as a more eco-friendly dry cleaning alternative. We have added a section on hydrocarbons to the blurb on alternative dry cleaning methods. While hydrocarbons are biodegradable, many still have concerns about how environmentally sustainable hydrocarbon dry cleaning solvents actually are.


What about cleaning with ozone?

Mike Haier

I would greatly appreciate it if someone can e-mail me a business plan to start a new "Green Dry Clean". I live overseas and wish to contribute in reducing harmfull contaminents such as the perc. This is the least I can do to help mother nature by promoing Organic Dry Clean. Thank you
([email protected])

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How about the other forms elements? thanks for the post.

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Hi Michael! Thanks for taking pains to present this article profoundly ,the brief history of dry cleaning and it's high time to convert entire system into Eco friendly Green Dry Cleaning. Thanks once again

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Hello !! I am specialist in doing evening makeup.Your article is a well written one.The points made about Dry Cleaning Alternatives are very useful. Thanks for such an useful information about eco fashion.

Bill Sanders

Well written and thoughtful article on the dry cleaning industry. We do carpet cleaning Vancouver WA and have seen a similar history in our industry. Green cleaning was heralded as the wave of the future, but now many people are beginning to realize that there's more to green cleaning than a green colored logo and leaf.

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