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In March I bought 2 pair of Faded Glory black jeans. They smelled very strong of some type of chemical but I thought it would wash out.....I noticed it more when I was in a closed area than in a store, on the street, etc. and also that my skin and underwear smelled like the pants too when I took them off. I tried washing 4 times - regular soap, once with Odor Ban, and once with anti-bacterial soap. Then I realized it has to be a chemical and realzing that even after all those washes when I was wearing them, an odor more like a sweaty metallic smell was emitted (sorry, similar to a hard working construction worker or pipefitter - sweat/metallic). I got a bit concerned after it hit me it might be a toxic chemical. I also noted that if anything else was in the drawer with the pants, in the wash with them, or simply just laid on top of them briefly - after 4 washes even - they smelled and it could not be washed out.

All Walmart wants to do is give me a refund for the pants, not anything for the other clothes. Made a complaint to a "complaint" site that is trying to help.

Anyone had this problem...the woman says nobody else complained.


Faye, very sorry to hear of your experience. We frequently hear from others with similar comments that have found it near impossible to remove strong chemical odors from clothes. Bottom line is to give garments a strong sniff test before purchasing. If you notice any unpleasant, chemical odors then tell the sales clerk and leave the item. Don't buy it hoping that you can wash the odor out. Almost always, the chemical smell will persist long after regardless of what you try.


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