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I read it Great Article. I have clear all problem about fashion.

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Eco fashion is no longer a thing of the past. I recently have started to follow companies that are socially responsible and have found alot of new emerging companies. In terms of apparel, INDIE PEACE follows all these standards and doesn't sacrafice style in the process. My boyfriend wears their shirts all the time now. Check out their stuff at

Thanks for sharing this great post. Your article is a must read discussion. You've shared a very good idea to ponder and shared information that bring importance to sustainable clothing. I'm grateful I came down your page and acquire those ideas from you.

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Hi Michael,

In the last year, fashion brands have increased their transparency by 45% on average - that's the headline finding from RankaBrand's 2011 Fashion Report "Feel Good Fashion". We've had plenty of hits since we posted this on our website - why not spread the word to your visitors as well?
Head to our blog for the details of the report.

RankaBrand scores brands on their transparency, sustainability, labour conditions and environmental record. We're the largest brands comparison website in Europe, fast approaching 1,000 brands, and a great tool for shoppers looking to look great with a clear conscience.

Just get in touch if you have any questions about RankaBrand or our research,

Best wishes,


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