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What a neat site! I will definitely be checking in here a lot.


Have you heard of the potential new latex source?

Thought it was interesting. Perhaps the best solution for the future.


So does this mean I shouldn't buy an organic latex mattress? confused...

Margaret Konieczny

I have a latex allergy type 1. If I buy a swimsuit with licra/spandex and if I wash it several times will the possiblilty of a reaction be dimished? I do believe I have reactions to the chemicals used to produce lycra. Marge


Washing a new swimsuit several times before wearing will probably
reduce the possibility of a reaction but the amount of the reaction
will be unknown until you try it. If your reaction is because of
residuals from the lycra manufacturing process, they might wash out
unless they are chemically bound to the lycra. If your reaction is
caused by the chemical structure of lycra then it is less likely that
washing will help. Because there are several variables and the
specifics of your allergies are unknown, it is difficult to predict to
what degree multiple washing might help. The best that you can do is
to try it. Good luck!


Michael Young

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