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Sally Murdoch

There is another merino wool company who debuted their Fall/Winter line at SIA this year in January 2007; I/O Biocompatibles is the first wool company to assemble a team of pro snowboarders. They are based in Encinitas, CA and surfers are wearing their wool baselayer pieces as rashguards under their wetsuits because I/O Biocompatibles has made the pieces so sheer and lightweight, not to mention wool's warming and wicking natural properties. Their website is and is worth peeping!


There is a great brand for merino performance wear. It is made by the iconic Australian brand Driza-bone. They say they are the original producer of these garments starting over 100 years ago.


Merino is a great fibre, Organic merino is even better. There is a fantastic New Zealand company that uses Organic merino in a fabric they have developed called Mountainsilk. The have just launched a website that fulfills internationally check out they also have some very strong sustainable corporate education programs and recently won a UN award for their work.

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