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Ono from

Thanks for this long and thoughtful article. I wrote about it at , wondering how Wal-Mart can now be offering $5 organic t-shirts.

Peaceful Disorder

At first my reason for searching out organic cotton was medical.

At only a few weeks old my son developed severe eczema and his pediatrician suggested organic cotton as an alternative to the harsh steroidal creams they wanted to put him on.

The search for organic clothing was not easy, and just plain expensive, but I knew his baby skin could not take the harsh chemicals used in regular textiles.

The more research I did, the more I knew our entire family needed to make a change, for us and the planet.

That was when I founded , and since it is a family adventure, the prices are very reasonable. ($12-$30)

You will probably see the same products in your local boutique for twice as much, I know I did.
But best of all, after about 6 months of wearing organic, our baby has no sign of eczema.


You can get the organic and natural clothing from India. Use of vegetable dyes is prevailing here from centuries.

But evolution of chemicals and artificial substances has led to its doom.

There are certain groups like who are trying to promote and keep alive organic and natural made products.

My wife loves any TV show that deals with fashion, whether it is Project Runway, The Fashion Show or What Not To Wear she is glued to the TV set. And while I am not as much into fashion as she is, considering that we only have one TV in the house I would join her sometimes to watch these shows. Well, one day I noticed my wife going through different online clothing stores and I was curious as to what she was looking for. She said that she wanted to see if she can find some eco-friendly clothing that she might like. Apparently, she has been hearing a lot about the new trend on tv and thought that she might want to try something herself. When I heard that, I desperately tried to remember a few episodes of Project Runway that we watched together hoping to recall what did eco-friendly fashion look like. Here is what I recalled: a dress made of blue plastic cups (cute in theory, but somewhat impractical) and an episode that focused on dresses made out of flowers and plants (also interesting, but again not something you can wear to work), and that was it. Nothing else came to mind, except maybe an image of a potato sack looking outfit. I have no idea why the potato sack, but somehow that was what I was thinking. I asked my wife if that was what she was referring to and to my immense relief she laughed and said not at all. Now, I probably should have felt bad about being so uneducated about green fashion , but hopefully I am not alone and the good news is I have learned some more about it by now.
The eco-friendly fashion is relatively a new trend. This trend is not just about protecting the environment, but also about keeping the consumer healthy and comfortable and making sure that people who are creating the clothes work in clean, safe environments. It is very important that eco-friendly clothes are made of organic materials. Now the first thing that would come to mind would be cotton. Cotton is actually great if it is organic cotton. That is cotton that is grown without any use of pesticides and insecticides, unlike the regular cotton that is grown and processed with a use of a huge amount of pesticides and chemicals. The organic cotton is good for you, the environment and of course for people who produce this cotton, since they don’t have to breathe in all the chemicals all day long. Of course, there are other materials that are used in green fashion such as hemp, linen, and organic wool.
Oh I do remember another thing from watching reality shows with my wife, on Fashion Show in introduction each contestant said that something is a new black, well I guess it would be accurate to say that slowly green (and I don’t mean the color) is becoming the new black. Celebrities such as Cate Blanchett are leading the way and many famous designers such as Oscar de la Renta are venturing into the green fashion territory. Now that I know a little more about the trend I hope it continues. After all it is great to know that there are clothes that are good for you and the environment.
Now, for those who might wonder if my wife found what she was looking for she sure did. She found a site which she really liked. The clothes on the site looked pretty, fashionable yet practical, and were at very reasonable prices. So if you are looking to try some eco-friendly fashions made out of organic cotton try this site. At this point they only sell female clothing, so guys might have to look somewhere else, but if you are looking for a nice gift for your wife or girlfriend I recommend you take a look.


This is a really informative article. I run the company earthage, or earthage clothing in NZ and we use a small amount of organic cottons, alongside alpaca wool because they are eco friendly, and available to us. I agree it is pretty hard to get your prices down when you are trying to be ethical, and add to that, making clothing overseas in NZ where a lot of these green fabrics have only just been introduced, or aren't even available and it makes costs of manufacturing so much higher. I would love to be able to bring the costs of my clothing down for consumers but it is undeniably a slow process to introduce fabrics, make more people aware of things such as the environmental impact of the textile industry, and fair trade etc, and then getting everyone on board to making the costing of these items standard, and affordable. It is so easy for places such as wallmart to create regular cotton at an affordable price, but at the expense of what...the environment?, the farmers using the pesticides?, the children using the pesticides to douse the regular cotton? There are so many other factors that are much more important than cost.



Thank you! Very well stated. We googled around to see your earthage
clothing and were very impressed. Loved your alpaca skeanie. Wishing
you and earthage all the best.


Account Deleted

Kelly Peterson

Wow that a GREAT information, i did know Organic clothing but didn't had full information on it..... This is really interesting. I remember that one of my freinds bought a Disney Costume ( for much cheaper then i bought...

Well this post helped me allot. And i really appreciate the work done.


David Roche

Wonderful article! Yet, another reason for the price of organic cottons is the practice of havingfields to lie fallow for a year in between crop cycles!
I see a bright future in the organic, sustainable, and natural fibers apparal markets. Soon, it will become more of an industry norm, than the misunderstood anomaly it is currently seen as.

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