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Very informative article. i will copy the same in my blog with permission.

Account Deleted

Living in India, I was aware fo the word Ahimsa silk, but did not know the whole story behind peace silk. This post is very informative and defintiely improved my awareness about peace silk.

Anastasia Cherul

"What an incredible marvel of Nature’s intelligence!" - yeah, I'd say that too a couple of years back, but now every fiber of my being screams out nature is not intelligent on its own, no matter how mad it sounds it is God who is intelligent (woops, I know I just insulted your intelligence, you're so smart that you never need to question evolution theory and find major errors in it). "The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking"~ John Kenneth Galbraith
Take the challenge to think in a way you never thought before.


This is the most comprehensive article I've found yet about silks. I'm currently printing on peace silks and am going to start printing on "other" silks for scarves to reduce our costs as much as possible. This helped to ease my concerns somewhat and also inform the questions I'll ask the supplier of the new silk. THANK YOU!

Account Deleted

Thank you for such a great explanation of silk fabric. Greatly appreciated but as a potential buyer can you please explain the difference and potential uses of 2-ply versus 3-ply versus 4-ply silk fabric?

I am somewhat confused about knowing which to buy as many sites do not provide a clear explanation - they assume customers like me know what ply of silk I want. Thank you for your help with this request.

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