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Thanks all for this great article and discussions. It has saved me considerable time in researching this topic. I agree that while bamboo is not 100% sustainable yet, it is a great start. The fashion industry really should be focussing on developing better production methods as there is a growing demand for ethical and sustainable products.

S Taylormoss

Thanks for the article! I'm a big fan of bamboo towels and articles like this help to reinforce some of the intangible qualities about bamboo fabric. The tangible qualities are so obvious and amazing about bamboo!

S Taylormoss

I wanted to share where I got my bamboo towels too.


Amazing article. We are just sourcing new designers and starting our own collection of knitsfor our new online boutique and this was super helpful!


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Bamboo fabric is a textile made from bamboo grass. Bamboo fabric has a natural sheen and softness that feels and drapes like silk but is less expensive and more durable. memphis apparel

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I’m spreading the word on them. I’m also pleased with the skirt and look forward to it appearing in colors too…


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Wow, that's amazing! I love it Congrats! I'm sure we will see much more...

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Amazing post on Facts behind the bamboo fibre. Really you have put great efforts for us to know about the whole story about growing of bamboo as an environmentally friendly but the manufacturing methods raises health concerns for the persons using bamboo wears. I will use your post to link back in bookmarking sites so that more and more people know about bamboo.

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