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Excellent Post! Well thought out and compiled. I am glad to see someone besides us blogging about these issues.

At the recent Ethical Jewelry Summit, held in Washington last month, the Jewelry Industry (and amazingly, some major players from the mining sector)began to try and come up with ways to bring about a change in the way our jewelry industry approaches its work. This summit wanted to focus on the small artisanal miner and spent a good deal of time both days addressing this area.

For the official report, you can go here to the Madison Dialogue site:
where you can find the PDF.

To be sure, this was the first summit and hopefully there will be more of them in the months and years to come and hopefully they will go beyond just mining address all the other myriad areas the ordinary customer wouldn't think of in terms of ethically sourcing their jewelry.

We attended this summit. As a small jewelry manufacturer who has a history of making waves in this area, we were pleased by the effort shown but also realize there is such a long way to go for the Jewelry Industry in general to truly become ethically, environmentally and socially conscious.

We will continue to make waves in this arena to help spur the changes which are slowly happening. For our perspective on the Ethical Jewelry Summit, you can visit our blog at


Excellent research regarding the jewelry industry. I really appreciate the post and the frankness about what is going in the industry! I also really enjoyed your post a while back about bamboo clothing. Thanks for the direct, well-researched posts.


Very nice post! Well thought out and thoroughly researched. It's crazy how much of a negative effect that this is going to have on our environment. It's shocking that such acts continue to go on even in contemporary society.

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