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I am not sure I agree that there is not enough recycled and reclaimed gold for the industry. We purchase all our recycled gold and silver from Hoover and Strong, one of the largest suppliers to the Jewelry Industry. At a behest from Toby Pomeroy, Torry Hoover, the president of Hoover & Strong looked into recycled metals. Eventually they were able to supply recycled gold and now recycled sterling silver as well.

We have found at least for the moment that while truly ethically sourced gold is available in places in Europe, it is not generally available yet in the US. I hope this changes in the near future. The more we can rely on reclycled, reclaimed and ethically mined artisanal gold and silver, the more we can force big mining to make the changes necessary to clean up their act and become more ethically, environmentally and socially responsible in the long run. This is going to take some time, patience and a great deal of perseverance.

While the question of ethically sourced diamonds is being addressed and more options are being made available, the area of semi-precious stones remains largely unregarded.

True there are some notable exceptions such as the wonderful work Columbia Gem House is doing.

But because semi-precious stones do not get the press that diamonds do, there has been less pressure to address this area. There is no Kimberly Process here and it is up to individual manufacturers to work with their contacts to find untainted semi-precious stones.

Several UK manufacturers recently banned garnets and other semi-precious stones from the Congo due to the military regime there and its practices.

There is a long way to go to bring Radical Transparency to the Jewelry Industry. In our own company, we have come up with a system we call FRE, for 'Fair Made', 'Socially Responsibile' and 'Eco-Friendly'. For every component, we reveal its sourcing. If we can't, we say so.

It's a start. But having several thousand components in the jewelry manufacturing process, each potentially coming from a differing source, it will be a while before everything becomes truly ethically sourced. The demand will have to be there. Right now, the average consumer is still in the dark about this because it's one of those areas still hidden by and large in the mainstream jewelry industry.

People are aware of diamonds. They are becoming aware of metals. Very few are aware of the other parts. The findings, the soldering component, cast components, non-precious or semi-precious stones, the chemicals used, the gases used, buffing compounds, tumbling, filtering & safety systems and so forth. Making jewelry is messy. Consumers don't know this because all they see is the end product.

We invite other jewelers to utilize our FRE system. If they come up with something even better, we would love to hear from them. We have already received interest from some jewelers for this. You can see it at our website at and learn how we developed it at


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