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This is from a reader who asked that we inform others of her concerns. We have not researched this issue and leave that to you.

Why flower seed favors are not eco-friendly

As the editor and publisher of I spend a lot of time searching the internet for fabulous new eco-friendly wedding ideas.

During my cyber travels I have become increasingly concerned over how many "Green Wedding" sites are promoting plant seed, particularly wildflower seed, as an eco-friendly wedding favor. Yes, plant seeds are a natural gift from mother nature and in some cases organic, but plant seeds are not necessarily eco-friendly.

Many of the plant seed packages being sold on the internet and even in local nurseries often contain a mix of non-native plant seeds. In most cases, the contents of these seed mixes are not listed on the package and are only labeled as “Wildflower Mix”.

The effects of non-native, also referred to as “alien” plants, are devastating to the local ecosystem. When introduced into a new environment with no natural insect pests or diseases these alien plants reproduce rapidly and crowd out native species often to the point of extinction. They can alter the native habitat so severely that it can no longer support the natural wildlife. Some alien plants can reduce land productivity by emitting toxic substances that poison the soil for other plants.

We have all at some point paused to take in the breathtaking beauty of a field of wildflowers. What we may have been looking at was a devastated ecosystem. Many of the wildflowers we see in Canada and the United States are in fact invasive plant infestations.

Now not all plant seeds are considered invasive. You can select seeds that are suited to your region. However, the problem begins once your guests leave with their lovely flower seed favors. You no longer have control over where that seed may be planted or disposed of.

Another point to remember is most customs agencies will not allow travelers to bring non-native seeds into a country. This fact may cause some delays and inconvenience for your out-of-country guests.

When deciding on wedding favors, we hope you will rethink the idea of flower seeds. Instead, provide your guests with a small oxygen producing house plant.

Some useful links:

For Canada:

This article was written by Juliana Williams, editor and publisher of an online resource for planning stylish and sustainable weddings.


Lindsay Currie of Venture Communications wishes to inform readers of a special showing of THE GREEN on the Sundance Channel on Tuesday, April 22
9:00pm e/p

The show is titled "Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Gen Y" and features a green wedding. Lindsay introduces this event by saying
"Generation Y – the children of baby boomers, now in their late teens to early 20s - came of age to ever-louder warnings of climate change, resource depletion, and species extinction. It's an eco-aware group, but also one inclined toward buying, eating, traveling and consuming more than any generation before. By blending environmentalism with consumerism, the life choices Gen Y is making right now – how they party, where they go to college, even how they get married – open a fascinating window onto how future generations will care for the earth."


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The wedding is once time in your life. All speculations about eco-green-environment-saves are pointless. If you want to save something - buy a car with lesser engine volume and better oil efficiency.

But there is good thing you could do for nature for real. Do not buy new wedding dress and get one of the so-called "worn only once" dresses. Use used wedding dress in another word. There are several websites with plenty of them:,, and so on.

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Excellently written article, if only all blogger offered the same level of content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Thank you for posting. Please keep it up!

I am so happy to discover your site. I have a post on my Not Obviously Green wedding on my blog and CNN even used us for a story. Sadly the story itself really disappointed me. While everyone might not be comfortable with a second hand dress (they emphasized how I got mine on Craigslist), I wish they'd mentioned things many people wouldn't mind doing at all - like choosing recycled/tree free invitations, and choosing a location that minimized driving.

We couldn't afford organic flowers so decorated tables with succulents that our friends now have growing in their gardens (we live in CA).

I had my 'something new' be the smallest component of my attire. Pics on my blog.

Anyway, I found your site researching organic clothing as mostly I used second hand things but occasionally I can afford to buy organic and wanted to do a post on that. I'll definitely be referring readers to your fantastic site. HURRAH!

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Finding a perfect wedding dress would be the most important thing among the whole wedding process. I got mine from ,the prices were great and the vendor was trustworthy. Your article brings me a lot of helpful spots on how to planning a green wedding!

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