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Ed Mass, President,

Excellent article that very clearly explains these manufacturing processes. By doing so, it provides the reader with a basic knowledge to ask the right questions in evaluating eco-friendly manufacturers.

Clearly understandable information like this (and all of your posts) are very much needed. Well done! Thanks for your efforts.


Bravo for writing this brilliantly informative article! You assume no prior knowledge, yet don't talk down to me.

With the help of this map I can now navigate the jungle of shifting terminology, exaggerated claims, and technical jargon.


Account Deleted

Really nice effort to explain different types of fabric, synthetic and non-synthetic, their uses in different kind of industry. Yes i agree with the guy that this detail information help customer to see all negative and positive effects while buying new clothes. And also consumer can ask manufacturers that why your product contains non-environmental material.
If someone is finding different types of textile and fabrics in a bulk quantity, this resource may help him.

Roy Nott

This is a very well written article. Two suggestions for improvement: 1) Address the acetate fiber process and 2) Talk a little about cotton linters.

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