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Awesome article. I always have problems with clothes wrinkling and now I know what to look for when I go shopping! Truly a well-thought article that looks at the more scientific side of fashion.


This article is pack with information. Thanks for making my life a little easier. Now i can fix the clothing i just bought and make better decisions on purchases in the future.

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I love the idea of hanging the natural fiber clothes in the shower and letting the steam get rid of the wrinkles; that is definitely a more sustainable practice than using a steamer on my organic clothes. I'll ensure to tell my organic customers in Australia about that idea.

Account Deleted

This Nano fiber is one the best for people like father suggested to always purchase..anyways what you said was true!

Account Deleted

You have cover almost everything regarding clothes and its precautions, well effort done by you Shellie and i hoping for your next blog, one thing i want to add is that, it is also heard that sleeping with clothes other than night lose suite also cause wrinkles on them promptly, so it is better to keep this tip in mind to prevent clothes.

Ray Wilson

Found it very funny about the warning not to try ironing clothes while they are on. Have seen many friends doing it but it is too easy to burn yourself. The clothes steamer is a wonderful solution for such extremists. Didn't even know such thing existed.

heh ad

Whoa, scary to think this is all happening without letting the consumers know. I guess I should stick to the basics when it comes to materials. Perhaps like good ol' fashioned cotton?


Krystal Fong

I always have a hard time keeping my clothes from wrinkling so this information comes in really handy. Thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks for sharing this very informative article. Since I really have problem with clothes wrinkling now I know how to do to prevent it.

Judi Dannenhauer

I cannot believe that the best way to dry cotton and bamboo clothing has not been mentioned. The BEST way to dry your cottons and bamboo is to put in the dryer for 5-10 minutes then hang. If you do need to get wrinkles out from over drying use a professional steamer (conair makes a great one). They heat up quickly and work much faster than irons.

Judi Dannenhauer

Forgot to put my website:

Michael Duffy

Great article. Lot of good tips. Now if only they could remove the wrinkles from overweight people easily!

Account Deleted

I used your link to sign up for crowdtap too. Thanks for letting me know about it. Love your new fitness clothes. I sure could use


Sorry that I'm late to the party, but great post!! Really enjoy the way you write, it is very conversational.
I look forward to hearing a lot more.


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