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Peaceful Disorder

Great article Michael,

I know first hand how much havoc all of these chemicals in conventional cotton processing can cause to a person with sensitive skin. My son has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity which shows up as eczema.

It is a constant battle of Prednisone creams and antihistamine pills every time he has a flair up. The hard part is deducing what caused the latest flair up, was it that the washer didn't do a second rinse, or the organic sunscreen, or did we forget to put him into organic clothes for two days in a row.... It goes on and on.

We just ordered him another pair of organic sheets since the side of his face that touches the conventional set we have now seems worse.

I guess I will have to start carrying sheets and towels on my organic cotton web site soon. Check it out for more exciting up dates on our fight against consumer chemicals and some great looking clothes. All organic of course.

Rob Franklin


The wrinkle resistant treatments are a problem for silk products, too. Anything that is washable as a silk is likely to have been treated with a formaldehyde containing finish.

As a graduate student I have been doing research on a more environmentally and consumer friendly finish for silk using Citric Acid. The finish is simple, the chemicals can be reused, they are non-toxic to humans and have low aquatic toxicity, and it can be done at a low temperature, thus decreasing energy costs and environmental outputs.

I think it will be interesting to see what solutions the textile industry comes up with when faced with consumers not willing to wear whatever chemicals are put onto clothes without any indication. I feel that we must be moving toward some type of labeling law so consumers are aware of the treatments their garments and home textiles have undergone.

Natalie Lawson

Thank you for your writing that makes me more able to understand these things. Even though I had to "gloss over" at times (like the definition of DMDHEU), this info is exactly what I needed! I needed info that I could immediately incorporate into my living/purchasing habits that was based on science, not 'fanaticalism' - - - & info that was communicated in a way I could actually understand! Thanks for your wonderful blog/writing style! I'll definitely surf your site for other good learning too :-)

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