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Denise Thornton

What a comprehensive glossary! And your other posts are very useful for those who want to chose their clothes with the environment in mind.
I included your blog in my GREEN BLOG ROUNDUP today. Check it out at
Thank you!
Denise Thornton

Account Deleted

Its a very hard work done to collect all information of words regarding fabrics on one small place.
I am waiting for your new article Shellie, its a long time you updated the new one.


All you ever want to know about fabrics in 1 web page! This is so cool! better than Wholesale fashion clothing shopping discount - T-shirts, tops, polo shirts at low price at leitmotif

Account Deleted

Well fashion never goes out of quality. Your article is very informative and no doubt people like me are getting much information from your collection. Keep on it as we need much assistance.

Christina Ross

Wow! What a glossary. I'm finding it very helpful as I'm not new to sewing or making my own clothing but am new to trying to do it 'eco-wisely', as it were. I have VERY sensitive skin (to say the least) to the extent that I cannot wear 'normal' clothing. I am considering looking into finding some material made from alpaca, primarily, as I have tried many other things to now avail. Not sure where I can purchase it, though, do you have a list of suppliers by any chance?

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