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The "benefits" behind the protective and easy care properties of nanotextiles sound like fear-based marketing tactics rather than responsible, progressive manufacturing. I understand every year, if not every season, fiber/fabric manufacturers must come up with new products with enticing features and benefits in order to meet customer's "needs" and generate new business. I'm all for innovation but at what cost? Are we (consumers) so fearful of body order, bug bites, sunshine, wrinkles, fungus, germs, stains, getting wet, etc. that we would embrace nanotextile products knowing the potential health and environmental risks? Not me. I don't believe nanotechnology will make a positive, healthy contribution to our lives. My opinion is based on my 30 years experience as an apparel product developer. Great article Michael.



Thank you! Very well stated. Your comment about fear-based marketing
struck home. These tactics are very common but, often, subtle and
difficult to address. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



Here's the latest twist on "green" clothing. Luckily they're expired, not recycled!


Hi Michael,

We are also extremely concerned about nano-particles and chemicals in clothing. Thanks for your excellent and balanced coverage on this issue. Thanks also to Karen for pointing out the marketing hype behind these technologies - would we ever "need" any of these technologies if the marketing machines of these companies did not work so hard to convince us of it? We want to help expose this hype and inform the public, please anyone who is interested, contact us, or blog about it and send us the link to the blog. The oceans and coral reefs are threatened, and in turn we also our threatened. Also see our press release on this at Thanks to all concerned parties.

Account Deleted

I am in Dying with natural dyes on organic fibres by family profession. My elders always warned about the chemical dyes injury to human blood. The ancients classified the Drug as Poison. Now what will they say about the sub atomic particals in textile dying.

Synthetic Indigo has played havoc in human life in the lost 150 years.There were only 3 to 4 mental known disorders of 18th cencutry we now have inherited up to 39. Similarly we have in herited junk culture,junk lending ,junk economy and over rationalised science.Nobody warned about it to us . Now we are sufering happily with sops from govts. Instead of shooting out the mad dogs of Banks we are regulating and controlling .

They have to pump money to nanoscience as they have to survive .They have to swell in the name of growth eternal.Govts can bask in the heat. Corruption has to be alive to power institutes to survive.

Cure is evasive and elusive all these years in medical science,world has not leanred. Body has its own mechanism to cure diseases with the help of natural and organic matters. The science is trying to find it out after mistakes on human life for 200 years . Probably nano science is going to corrupt man at introvertive level.

Cyber space and Melt downs must teach masses lessons . Other wise conciouse people atleast must group under net-works to revela it to people. You are doing good job Michael.


Why can't we just revert back to good old traditional values and methods, without the use of man made chemicals etc ... nanotechnology smacks once again of the human race trying to develop "unnatural" things. I believe in natural/organic materials coupled with a fair wage for everyone! Thanks

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Totally Organic and Natural dyed garments were possible only with 2to 4% or maximum if mistakes allowed up to 14 % . The chemicals that natural fibres like hemp,silk,wool and cotton requires is only three chemicls. theyare in fact avilable in nature such as ordinary globert salt, Baking soda and Nacl. and few other acids avialble naturally sourced ones are used . With this items one can replace entire chemicals dyes.

The chemical dying arrived us only out of confusion and chaoes and fear mankind suffered in the g end ot he past millanium.End of that old millanium was dangerous and evil as stated in Astro study.

Knowlege removes fear, chaeous and confusion when net work knoledge explodes . Le us hope that the 3 rd millanium is fresh(creative constructive way)one with which we can adapt times changes creatively instead allowing it grow up on us evil way.

Present is important ,in true observations there is no past or future . The concept of time comes only because planets moves. This new millanium is breaking and modifying one.Mostly moon activated as the trend is confirming moon arbit is closing up on earth every year an inch closer.

But planets are not all powered, they indicate only tendancy,interpretation based, we also have our power to co-create the situvation we are living in this planet.

Man kind has to right to ecperience the chemical impact on nuron level in the last 60 years and now it has the power to modify it back to old-world time tested methods of Organic and Natural substitutes.

In stead of suffering in the nano let us explore the truth behind nano and change creatively.

We had knowledge and wisdom inheritted from our past ancestors in live processing of super powered herbs and build Bi-Sheath to help human body biuld its mechanism to cure the diseases itself.Cure is a contineous process it is assured by herbal cloths and food right use.

Our body is source to cure by itself , all we have to do is create environ for it by creating existence through success of effortless effort, it certainly not a vessal to full with pills.

Our mind similarly asourceit need to be opened to wisdom not loaded with biggot dogmatic academic stale stuff to fill it , it need be suitable environ given to learn . Let the suffering from nano come and we will need evidences. Now we have 39 mental disorder born of nuron wrong signals on wrong chemical to brain ins past 60 years, an evidence to stop chemical dyes.

Creative souls will soon be born all aneasthesia kids of 40s are getting out of power seats now.

We as a group from traditonal textile industry based remote rural India on revivel and re creations developed Denim Jeans .It was live process dyed natural Indigo on certified cotton. In every wayit was similar to 17th century and 18th century re productions .But the big industry will not easy allow it or there is credible organisation to test certify it. 30years 100s of pairs of jeans made on different herbal extracts but we could succeed in bringing out the shimmer and shine and streatchablity and water repellent quality of chemical dyed jeans.
Now we know how difficult it is also for producing genuine Organic and Natural dyed Denim Jeans for big companies.

Now we know how difficult it is for corporations going greens. Because elepants can not enter heaven.Because they are destined to fear and confuse and chaotic live and guide masses . They are made for it.They have divine secret assignments only conciouse realised souls can understand its importance and role.

I here what your saying Michael about the "healthy" side of things, truth is I think everything that we have today that is now considered friendly to our enironments has ahd to start somewhere such as the petrol powered car will be the solar powered car in future. Yes it is not ideal the way in which some things are made but I guess it is all progress One instance where I think nano technologies in clothing has helped is in hospitals with clothing such as nursing uniforms "nurse scrubs" Such developments in the health industry really do save lifes especailly with the increase of known viruses such as swine flu etc. i belive what your saying to be right but I just think that it will take a little time before we are all truely green.
Great post looking forward to the next one.

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Nanotextiles are the new era of modern textiles. For me, nothing beats the natural and organic clothing such as cotton. It is chemical free and non-harmful to our skin. Just like the products at They are comfortable to use yet the prices are reasonable.


I wish more people would realize that you should switch to organic clothing. Not only do you not have to worry about the toxins that they put in alot of so-called natural fibers to help them grow quicker.

Michael Christian

This is a fascinating review of the pros and cons of a new technology. At we will certainly take this into consideration when advising clients on appropriate fabrics. Thank you for posting this information.

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The benefits of Nano Textile make them worthy to buy but doubts of Karen is also worthy to consider, its right Nano Fabrics are costly and nowadays every after 2 to 3 months fashions change and it will very hard for manufacturers to do this business, Chad suggestion is somewhat good to use ordinary fabrics as there are very rare chances of skin allergy and other effects.


What is the reason for people not to go back of good old days for clothing ,fashions - so that we can preserve our planet.
All the new products launched under organic labels are not truly natural or organic.It is smart way to make general public fool with long explanation that people cannot understand.


Don't think organic clothing will ever able be popular compared to normal clothing like Shop and buy limited edition teen graphic tees at lleitmotif - Singapore's best online clothes retailer.

Annie Warrington

Love organic clothing? Go check out and add some to your virtual closet! You will be shocked how easy it is to have your dream wardrobe by just the click of a button!


Thanks for all of this valuable info. It seems like there is so much to know about organic cotton and eco friendly clothing. I would be honored if you would check out my clothing line at

I use hemp, certified organic cotton and viscose from bamboo in my clothing. I am always looking for new info on organic clothing.


Account Deleted

hey was great article..thanks for sharing..
i never know about fabric in such a make me think about thank you

check out -

Wesley Edgar

Thanks for so much well considered and researched information on the topic. Something I'm sure most lay people wouldn't have thought about.

I think the starting point in this industry is the reduced impact on the environment and, in many cases, animals ( If technology can extend the benefits that's great, but it doesn't sound like the risks are understood well enough yet.


Here's some info on the sustainability of various textiles,
do you agree with our rankings?

Oeble Swan

I liked the concern about nano-particles and chemicals used in clothing.I don't know much about this but my interest certainly increases after reading this post.
Thanks for sharing and keep updating.


Michael was an excellent and well balanced post.
You certainly significantly improved and broadened my limited knowledge about nano-particles.

Perhaps greater truth in marketing would help consumers looking to purchase fabrics.

Very few fabric suppliers detail what chemicals (if any) are included in the fabric creation apart from vague statements like "our secret anti-wrinkle additives" - another word for chemicals!

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